Welcome to The Middle of Know Where! So where are you exactly? You’re on my travel blog, which hopefully is a bit unique! This blog exists for two reasons:
1. So I can record my travels and always remember every detail.
2. My kids don’t think I’m cool, and it’s a lost cause trying to convince them otherwise. But there is a slight chance that my potential future grandkids might think I am. If they can read all about grandma’s adventures, I’m a shoe in for “coolest grandma” award!

Also, just for the record, this blog is a labor of love. It’s not monetized. I don’t get anything in return for reviews, no advertisers, etc… Barring the above numbered list, this is a number free zone. Sorry, but if you’re looking for the top 10 things to do in 5 days with $100 in 3 different countries, you’re in the wrong place. That stuff is everywhere (and frankly, none of it is ever a “thing” I would want to do!).

If you’re looking to follow a middle aged empty nester teacher around the world on fun adventures- a chick who is crazy about wildlife and history and finding “off the beaten path” things to do- then you’re in the right place! My motto is “I don’t belong anywhere, because I belong everywhere.” And I intend to go where I belong!

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