About Mary & Brian

I’m Mary. I’m a science and history teacher who travels on every school break I get (at least summer and Christmas, and spring break when I can swing it!). I took my first trip in 2014, to Belize. It was after my last kiddo flew the nest, and I was realizing that I needed to fly the coop, too- from my 25 year marriage. Belize changed my life. It opened my heart and mind and I fell in love with traveling. I’ve been on the go ever since.

Brian is my boyfriend (it’s so weird to say “Hello, I’m over 45 and have a boyfriend!”). When I met him, I sent him a list of everything he had to put up with if we were going to be together. Travel was on that list. He can’t always travel with me because of his work (he makes props for movies and tv), but he meets me on my adventures whenever he can! So you’ll see him on here from time to time.

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