I don’t belong anywhere. I belong everywhere. And I intend to go where I belong…


Not only do I intend to go where I belong, I intend to keep detailed journals of our experiences! You’ll probably be offended by something I say at some point. You’re welcome. 🙂

Trip Journals

I (Mary) created this blog for two reasons:
1. So we can record our travels and always remember every detail. I re-read these blogs when I’m missing a place, and they take me right back!
2. My kids don’t think I’m cool, and it’s a lost cause trying to convince them otherwise. But there is a slight chance that my potential future grandkids might think I am. If they can read all about grandma’s adventures, I’m a shoe in for “coolest grandma” award!

The journals are in the order of our travels, starting with my very first trip to Belize- the trip that changed my life. In those early days of traveling, sometimes I would blog, sometimes I wouldn’t. And sometimes I get worn out at the end of a long trip and kinda stop. But I’m trying to be more consistent!! It’s a lot of work, but oh so rewarding!


Also, just for the record, this blog is a labor of love. It’s not monetized. We don’t get anything in return for reviews, no advertisers, etc… Barring the above numbered list, this is a number free zone. Sorry, but if you’re looking for the top 10 things to do in 5 days with $100 in 3 different countries, you’re in the wrong place. That stuff is everywhere (and frankly, none of it is ever a “thing” we would want to do!). These are journals, not tips. I write about MY experiences and MY feelings, because ultimately these journals are for me. But if you read through them, something might resonate that you can include on your own adventures!

This website is undergoing a MAJOR revamping as of September 2019. I have blogs scattered every, between this site and facebook, and different formats even for the blogs that are on this site…it’s a mess. And it’s going to take me a few months to sort out. For now, if the name under a poster is in red, it hasn’t been linked up yet. 









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